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Maria Olasokan (Model)

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Maria Olasokan (Model)
Born Maria Olasokan
🏡 Residence Brooklyn, NY
👴 👵 Parent
🤑 Net worth $200,000.00 USD
💼 Occupation
Model, Entrepreneur, Investor in New York
💵 Salary :
🏳️ Nationality

Early Life[Bearbeiten]


Personal Life[Bearbeiten]

Maria Olasokan is a New York based model, celebrity manager, Modeling agent and fashion store owner based in the borough's of Brooklyn, New York, USA

Biomedical college grad from CUNY community college in the boroughs.

She's affiliated to budding entertainment content-creator, millionaire, mogul and Grammy credited music writer Adedamola Adeboro.

She's his US business manager.

Together they manage a range of business which includes fashion and arts.

A big fan of music, fashion, TV and Sports. She spent half the last decade traveling, Facilitating for functions to promote local businesses on the global stage.

She's affiliated to budding entertainment content-creator and Grammy credited music writer Adedamola Adeboro who she has been working with.

She runs on a modeling, make-up and fashion store business on media sharing platform- Instagram.

She is also a entertainment columnist on

A blog owned by Kansas State, USA entrepreneur and entertainment art promoter- Janette Walker.

Scouting models and trying to be a part of the fast rising New York entertainment scene.

Her interests includes fashion, TV, Beauty tourism and entertainment business.


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