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Lukas Harald Schulz

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Lukas Harald Schulz
Born 1991/03/06 Cologne
🏅 Awards Admin of the year on the Gebäckhood Teamspeak
🏡 Residence Cologne
👴 👵 Parent
fast and consistent
Works finished KEK Simracing league at p5
🏡 Home town Cologne
🤑 Net worth 2.000.000
💼 Occupation
Simracing Pro in Cologne
💵 Salary :
📆 Years active   5
🏳️ Nationality german
Height 178

Lukas Schulz was born in Cologne on the 6. of March 1991. He visited the elementryschool, where he first had contact with racedriving, a passion that he still has today and took it to perfection.[Bearbeiten]

Lukas started his Simracing career with a Logitech G27 and Project Cars. After years of hard training he managed to ascend to the elite of Simracing today. His Weapon of choice now, is a Simxperience Accuforce wheel. Right now Lukas is driving active in 1 elite League and participates in multiple endurance races.[Bearbeiten]


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