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H42 records

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Datei:H42 Records Logo ab 2015.jpg
H42 Records Logo (ab 2015)

H42 Records ist ein Hamburger Independent Musiklabel. Jürgen Berndt hat das Label 2012 ins Leben gerufen. Angefangen hat das Label mit der Veröffentlichung von etlichen Vinyl Singles, bevor 2015 der erste Longplayer realisiert wurde.


2013 The Flying Eyes / Golden Animals 'Tour Split' (H42-001)

2013 Benzin 'Unsere Jugend ist vorbei' (H42-002)

2014 Mother Of God 'Black Ocean' (H42-003)

2014 Encephalic Barrier 'First Movement (H42-004)

2014 Karma To Burn / Sons Of Alpha Centauri 'Fifty Three/71' (H42-005)

2014 Lord Of Giant 'Woman' (H42-006)

2014 Dean Allen Foyd 'Sunshine Song' (H42-007)

2014 Molior Superum 'The Inconclusive Portrait' (H42-008)

2014 Shivas Nat 'Gimme Your/Love Bug (H42-009)

2014 Coogans Bluff 'Ein Herz voller Soul' (H42-010)

2015 Enos / Mangoo 'Sun Of A Gun/The Grey Belly' (H42-012)

2015 Mos Generator / Daily Thompson 'Vol. IV / Spit Out The Crap' (H42-013)

2015 Karma To Burn / Sons Of Alpha Centauri' Six/66' (H42-014)

2015 Karma To Burn / Sons Of Alpha Centauri' Six/66 DesertFest Vol. 1' (H42-015)

2015 Deep Aeon 'Temple Of Time' (H42-016)

2015 The Loranes 'She Ain't You' H42-017)

2015 Karma To Burn / Sons Of Alpha Centauri 'Fourteen/65' (H42-018)

2015 Blackwolfgoat / Larman Clamour 'Split EP' (H42-020)

2015 Black Salvation 'I Am Pretended' (H42-021)

2015 Molior Superum 'Electric Escapism' (H42-022)

2015 Brujas Del Sol 'Starquake' (H42-023)

2015 Odd Couple / Suns Of Thyme 'Split' (H42-024)

2015 V.A. 'Home Of The Deer Vol. 1' (H42-025)

2016 Raikinas 'Arcadia' (H42-026)

2016 The Flying Eyes 'Poison The Well/1969' (H42-027)

2016 Raging Speedhorn / Monster Magnet 'DesertFest Vol. 2' (H42-029)

2016 Vvlva 'Shaking Bones' (H42-030)

2016 Desert Storm / Suns Of Thunder 'Split' (H42-031)

2016 Spiritual Beggars 'Thumbsucker/Stoneed Woman' (H42-032)

2016 Mos Generator / Year Of The Cobra 'Gamma/Hydra - The Siege' (H42-033)

2016 Giöbia 'What Have You Done/Silver Machine' (H42-034)

2016 Encephalic Barrier 'Heart' (H42-035)

2016 Stone House On Fire 'Neverending Cycle' (H42-036)

2016 Craneium 'Meet On mars/Holy Oath' (H42-037)

2017 Year Of The Cobra 'Temple Of Apollo' (H42-038)

2017 Karma To Burn / Sons Of Alpha Centauri 'The Definitive Trilogy' (H42-039)

2017 Greenleaf /Steak 'DesertFest Vol. 3' (H42-040)

2017 Avon 'Six Wheeled Tank' (H42-041)

2017 Alpha Cat 'Alpha Cat' (H42-042)

2017 The Flying Eyes / Lazzlo Lee & The Motherless Children 'Ain't Acting Right / Nowhere To Run' (H42-043)

2017 Wight 'Atlas' (H42-044)

2017 Daily Thomspon / Monkey Okay 'River Haze/Cancerman' (H42-045)

2018 Amoriello 'Flood' (H42-046)

2018 Mos Generator 'The Dance Of Red' (H42-047)

2018 Galactic Superlords 'Howhere To Hide' (H42-048)

2018 Borracho 'Border Crossing' (H42-049)

2018 Sons Of Alpha Centauri 'Continuum' (H42-051)

2018 Stoker 'Gold' (H42-052)

2018 Mount Atlas 'Titan' (H42-053)

2018 Fatso Jetson / Waterways / Yawning Sons / Mario Lalli 'Legends Of The Desert - DesertFest Vol. 4' (H42-054)

2018 Rattlesnake 'Dirt In My Eyes / Picture Perfect' (H42-055)

2018 Year Of The Cobra 'The Descent' (H42-056)

2018 Kamchatka 'Stone Cold Shaky Bones / Midnight Charmer' (H42-057)

2019 Amnoriello 'Amoriello' (H42-058)

2019 The Loranes 'Live Acoustic Lakeside Festival 2018' (H42-059)

2019 Molior Superum 'As Time Slowly Passes By' (H42-060)

2019 Mount Atlas 'Mistress' (H42-061)

2019 Mondo Generator / Orquesta Del Desierto 'DesertFest Vol. 5' (H42-062)

2019 TBA (H42-063)

2019 TBA (H42-064)


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